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DMscore Smart Leads Platform™

DMscore Smart Leads Platform™ is a proprietary national database of white-collar professional practices, and combined with our intelligent DMscore, is designed to identify new business opportunities.

  • Intelligent scored Data for each lead

  • National Location Search

  • Multiple filters

  • Real-time notifications for new targeted prospects

  • Compelling email templates for personalized targeting based on our sub-scores

Local Targeting Intelligence
for Tens of Thousands of Professionals

Cluster of Cities
Listed businesses in focused city
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DMscore Hot Leads Service™

DMscore Hot Leads Service™ is designed for a limited number of premier digital agencies and technology partners to accelerate conversion of new business opportunities to sales.

  • Get hot leads to white-collar professional practices, who are ready to buy your digital services

  • Leverage the DMscore technology to maximize conversion

  • We analyze the leads, we run the campaigns... you convert

  • Includes a premium subscription to the Smart Leads Platform™

We run the campaigns

We send precisely targeted emails to dentists reflecting the needs we have identified by the DMScore metrics

We pass them on to you

We warm up the leads and pass them over to you with lead-specific recommendations to start your sales magic

You convert to sales

We share the DMScore analytics data to assist you with custom-tailoring your offers and leverage the detailed DMScore data in your sales process

What is DMscore?

DMscore is a simple score that calculates the digital presence of a business, at a local level,
with specific actionable recommendations on how to improve it.

Intelligent score

We use an AI-based algorithm to create a score that measures digital marketing performance, in relation to the local market competition

Trending analysis

DMscore tracks performance over time, producing a detailed progress analysis, based on all the data we gather every two weeks

Local competitors report

We automatically analyze and rank local competing websites, and generate a score for each of the competitors

Actionable recommendations

Through a recommendation engine, specific, advice is generated to help you target professionals with programs that will raise their score and generate more leads online

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